George O’Leary is the Chief Financial Officer and Board Member of HealthLynked Corporation (OTC:QB HLYK) a $138M market cap company in the digital healthcare space. He is also Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Referrizer LLC., a marketing automation and service B2B SAAS company and Chairman of Generation Alpha (OTC:QB GNAL). Mr. O’Leary is currently the President of SKS Consulting of South Florida Corp. (“SKS”). He works with public and private companies under consulting agreements providing C-Level Management, Board of Director Representation, Turn-around Expertise, as well as helping the implementation and execution of these companies’ strategic and operating plans.

Mr. O’Leary most recently was Vice-Chairman of Timios Holding Corp (THC), a title insurance and escrow business. Since his involvement in March 2014, the company grew in six years from $27 million in revenues to over $80 million with $11.5M in EBITDA. THC was recently sold to Ideanomics NASDAQ: IDEX, a $1.5B market cap business for $45M cash.

Mr. O’Leary started SKS in 2000 with the mission to help companies focus on execution of their core business while shedding their non-core business assets. From 1996 to 2000, Mr. O’Leary was CEO and President of Communication Resources Incorporated (CRI), where annual revenues grew from $5 million to $40 million during his tenure. Prior to CRI, Mr. O’Leary was Vice President of Operations for Cablevisions Industries, where he ran $125 million of business until it was sold to Time Warner. Mr. O’Leary started his professional career as a Senior Accountant with Peat Marwick and Mitchell. Mr. O’Leary holds a B.B.A. degree in Accounting with honors from Siena College.

Mr. O’Leary is married to Barbara O’Leary and has three daughters. They live in WPB, Florida.

For more information see George O’Leary resume and Board of Directors listing by clicking here.

Founder & CEO

Interim Executive

Providing interim and part-time placement of all C Level Executive positions. Top-tier, highly accomplished and seasoned executive who is accustomed to stepping into different C-level roles to lead organizations and drive results within 3-12 months.

Board of Directors Assignment

SKS Consulting provides Private Equity Firms assistance in managing their investments in an arms length fashion by accepting positions on portfolio companies BOD.

Management Consulting

Detailed management review, activity based costing & profit analysis to determine why the company is struggling and then providing a short term restructuring plan as well as a long term strategic plan.


Turnaround Management
SKS steps into difficult management situations and takes swift and immediate corrective actions to turn around financial situations and put companies back on track to get into the black.
Interim Executives
SKS provides all C-Level roles for its client companies on an interim or part time basis in many different industries. With over 30 years of experience and extensive background in finance, operations and executive management, SKS provides companies with a formula for success.
Board of Directors Representation
SKS provides Private Equity Funds the ability to have representation on an arms lenght basis on their portfolio companies board of directors.
SKS helps companies focus on the core business while divesting of all non-core buisness assets.SKS seeks to maximize the return on investment by negotiating with potential buyers (both financial and strategic buyers) the highest possible sale price for the non-core business assets.
Capital Stabilization Initiatives
SKS helps companies stablize their capital structure by providing cost cutting measures allowing companies to get to cash flow positive reducing their need for debt borrowing and strenghting their equity capital position.
Financial Analysis
SKS provides financial reivew and analysis in regards to quarterly trending, financial dash boards, year to year analysis, standards for costs and expenses compared to revenue and establishing bench marks for profitability.
Management Consulting
SKS provides both financial and operational management consulting providing owners with years of experience in best practices in management and independent view on dificult business decisions needed within their businesses.
Onsite Business Assessment
From years of experience in running successful high growth businesses, SKS will perform an onsight business assessment in short order identifying areas of opportunity for the buisness to improve.
Strategic Planning
SKS will participate in a three day offsight strategic planning session where the company will decide on short and long term strategy including 90 day action steps for all critical areas of the business.
Management & Board Review
SKS will evaluate the management team and board with a focus on the assessment of pier review rating their teammates as A players, B players or C players.
FTE and Expense Reductions
SKS will provide an analysis of efficiency and effectiveness of staffing levels and spending levels for the size of the business, and make recommendations for change that will provide the business with rightsizing their current operations.
Public Company CFO Services
SKS has provided services including CEO, COO and CFO for publicly traded business as well as private companies. Experience includes 10k and 10Q reporting as well as capital (both debt and equity) funding and M&A activity.


Chief Financial Officer
HealthLynked Corporation
Naples, Florida

HealthLynked Corp. provides a solution for both patient members and physician providers to improve healthcare. The HealthLynked Network is a cloud-based platform that allows patients to enter their medical history, medications, allergies, past surgeries and medical records in one convenient online secure location, “free of charge”. Participating physician providers realize benefits in the ability to see more patients, access more accurate patient information, participate in our telemedicine program, improve patient retention and increase online filling of vacancies including last minute cancelations through our “real time appointment scheduling” mobile application. Physician providers pay a monthly fee to increase online visibility, retain current patients, recruit former and new patients, and improve office efficiency. For additional information about HealthLynked Corp. visit www.healthlynked.com

Vice Chairman Of The Board Of Directors
Timios Holdings Corporation
Westlake Village, CA

Timios Holdings Corp. through its subsidiary Timios Inc. is a national real estate escrow and title insurance business.

President & Founder
SKS Consulting of South Florida Corp.
West Palm Beach, FL

I am President and Founder of SKS Consulting of South Florida, Corp. I provide board representation, executive management, financial and turn around consulting. I am currently on the Board of Directors of Timios Holdings Corp and HealthLynked Corp. I have international executive level experience in England, France, Germany, Spain, Canada & Dubai.

Chief Financial Officer
MedOfficeDirect, LLC
Naples, FL

MedOfficeDirect, LLC is a virtual distributor of medical supplies working with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) and a major distributor providing fulfillment to offer discounted medical supplies to the non- acute (physician practice) market and to the general public. Medical Supplies can be easily ordered on our website MedOfficeDirect.com.

Board Member
NeoMedia Technologies
Boulder, CO
Board member of NeoMedia Technologies for 9 years.



The Sailing Ship

As the O’Leary’s lived in the mountain area of Iveleary, the use of a sailing ship usually assumed to be a nostalgic memory of a maritime tradition which harps back to the time when the clan lived by the sea in Roscarberry. The modern form of the sailing ship on the O’Leary crest suggests a late origin of the crest, probably 18th century.

The Lion

The lion has long been a symbol of Heraldry. It was first borne in Old Testament times as the sign of the tribe of Judah. In the New Testament is the emblem of St. Mark the Evangelist. Since those times, it has been the emblem of deathless courage. In the O’Leary crest, the lion is borne passant, that is walking.

The Flag of St. George

The use of the flag of St. George (of England) on the crest comes from a small group of O’Learys who took advantage of the relaxing of the “Penal Laws” in the late 18th century and became firstly land agents and then landowners. They became “unionist” in character and so included the flag of St. George. “Laidir is e lear Rich” is a punning motto used by the O’Learys on their coat of arms. In the Irish language it literally means “Strong and Kings of the Sea,” “SKS” but it is more understandable in its Latin form of “Fortis Campis et Undris” which means “Strong on Land and Sea”. Notice the continuation of the seafaring instincts of our landlocked tribe! The O’Leary Heraldic Blazon is as follows:”Argent a lion passant in base gules, in chief a ship of three masts, sable sails, set proper from the stern the flag of St. George flotant”.

The company was named SKS Consulting of South Florida Corp. based upon my strong Irish family history and the name coming from the gaelic translation of the sir name O’Leary as “Strong and Kings of the Sea”. My Grandfather Denis P. O’Leary landed from Ireland into Ellis Island when he was 21 years old. My Father, also Denis P. O’Leary who was a NYC police officer for 20 years, passed away May 31, 2013, and his memory lives on within the company with the O’Leary crest as our company logo.


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